With the emergence and development of Live Casino, not only a new type of virtual entertainment for users has appeared on the Internet, but also a new type of professional activity — an online casino dealer. The work of a dealer in live-gambling on the sites of gambling establishments is inherently close to the duties that are performed by a croupier in ordinary casinos, but still has a number of features that make it possible to assert that this is a new profession that has appeared thanks to the development of technology.


How to become a casino dealer and what exactly does a live casino dealer do


To become a good dealer, you need to take certain courses and training at the casino dealer school. You will be taught the rules of the game, behavior at the tables, the subtleties of communication with players in accordance with the provisions established by the casino.

Users play on the site against a dealer who represents the casino and controls the entire gaming process. The casino dealer deals cards and spins the ball into the roulette wheel, following the rules of the institution and the technique of the game. A card dealer must know all the rules of the casino in order to act correctly during a gaming session. An important part of knowledge is the generally accepted gestures that are used to indicate key points at different stages of the game.

Dealers should use sign language in some situations to avoid controversy. Some other actions of the dealer when playing online roulette in a live casino are also strictly regulated. The dealer must:

  • open and closed rates;
  • name the winning number;
  • explain the rules of the game and announce the last drawn numbers;
  • congratulations to the winners;
  • communicate with players by verbally answering their questions;
  • help players in case of difficulties.

What should be a casino employee

A good dealer should be punctual, polite, attentive, calm, orderly, sociable, responsible, patient and cheerful. A professional dealer will always offer adequate assistance to players at the online table and will calmly communicate with users in any situation. He must be disciplined and responsible, and look diligent.

How much does an online dealer earn

In general, the work of the dealer of an online casino is well paid. Salary may vary depending on the professionalism of the dealer. The dealer can receive bonuses for every hour of work if he/she has never made a mistake during the month of work. In this case, earnings may increase significantly. If the dealer does not make mistakes within three months, this is reflected in the increase of his status, for example, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Prestige. Each new level involves an increase in salary. So, using different casino dealer training, you can develop your skills and become more professional. That is, the higher your status, the greater the bonus amount for hours worked.

On the other hand, there is a system of fines, if the croupier makes many mistakes — he/she throws the cards, puts them out of place, incorrectly spins the roulette wheel. The more serious the error, the lower the salary.

How many users communicate with dealers in live games in online casinos? Are there any restrictions on this

Some live casino users prefer to actively communicate with the dealer and consider this to be an integral part of the game. Perhaps because it reminds them of how they play in land-based gambling establishments, because gambling is not only a strategy to win, but also communication with good people. Thanks to this, the game in the live casino is more fun and the process itself is more fun. Such people not only enjoy the game, but also make the dealer’s job more interesting. In this case, the croupier not only repeats the necessary memorized phrases, but also maintains live communication, and time flies by.

There are other players as well. They prefer not to communicate with the dealer, as they believe that this distracts them from the game and prevents them from concentrating.