How to Win at Online Roulette — Best Practices

online gamblingWinning at Online Roulette is every gambler’s dream. There are many different best roulette strategy for attracting fortune. But none of the techniques can guarantee one hundred percent success. Before starting the game, it is important for the punter to determine his “ceiling”, that is, the maximum amount that he is ready to win or lose, after which there will be a break.

1. Biarritz Method

A very simple online betting technique. Its essence is to make equal bets on the same number throughout the game. And the sooner the desired number comes up, the more you win. If the happy moment does not come, then it is better to interrupt the game activity.

2. Method of filling

The essence of this technique is to make the maximum number of bets and close the playing field. With this approach, the amount of the win will be several times less than the amount spent. This technique is only suitable for those who gamble for the sake of winning, regardless of its size.

3. Chernyshov’s technique

This method is suitable for playing on red — black. The move is made only after the same color falls out three times in a row. In this case, you need to choose the opposite color, zero is not taken into account, and the amount of the bet is tripled. This strategy can be applied in online casino (more about online casino Canada real money can be read here — 

4. Column technique

This technique requires covering two-thirds of the playing field. Columns will contain numbers in both colors. In a losing case, the bet is tripled. After winning, the bet starts from the original amount.

5.»5 out of 6″

With this method, 5 lines are determined. Only 7 positions remain unfilled (including zero). Equal bets are made on all lines. In a winning situation, the bet is transferred from the winning line to the open line. Otherwise, everything remains unchanged. But this technique is not suitable for a long game, as the initial winnings can go to a minus.

6. Cuban

A very easy-to-understand technique. Its essence is to make only two bets: on the red and on the second column. The size of the bet does not change during the whole game. More information about this strategy can be found at

7.»Parlay Anti-Martigale»

Using this technique, the game should be started with the minimum bet. In the case when it worked, the bet amount is doubled, and the color does not change. Otherwise, another color is used, and the bet remains unchanged. It is necessary to think in advance how many moves will be made in case of a win.

8.»9 to 5″

During the game, all bets are made only on one number, which fell 2 times during 15 spins.


During the whole game, 6 corner bets are made. Even in a winning case, the direction and size of the bet remain unchanged. Otherwise, only the direction of the snake changes.

10. Methodology «Bet on 5 numbers»

During the game, bets are made only on 5 numbers. To determine these numbers, you need to make 10 idle moves, and the remaining 5 will be the desired numbers. If the same numbers appear, the rotation must be repeated.

On this topic, we suggest you watch the video on YouTube: 

11. Methodology «Bet on one number»

Before the game, you need to choose one single number on which all bets will be placed. This technique is somewhat similar to that of Makarov. The game according to this method will be very long, but the probability of winning is high enough. At the same time, the first 35 spins of roulette require a bet of 1 unit, the next 15 spins the amount increases to 2 units, the next 11 spins — 3 units, the next 8 spins — 4 units, the next 7 spins — 5 units, the next 5 spins — 7 units, the next 4 starts are 8 units, the next 3 starts are 10 units, the next 3 starts are 11 units, and the last 2 starts are 12 units. If the win is earlier than the last launch, then all actions are repeated from the very beginning. In this case, the punter can leave the previous number or change it.

Before trying your luck, you need to consider what the maximum amount won or lost will stop the game. After all, the main thing is that everything needs a measure and an approach with a «sober» head.