Mini roulette in an online casino

Introduction to mini roulette

It should be admitted that roulette has long been established as the most popular game in many casinos. You can even say that this is a symbol of any gambling establishment. A rather old game, to this day, is kept on a wave of popularity. However, times are changing, including the game itself. A new version of the favorite entertainment is gaining momentum, namely the mini-roulette. Mini roulette is a miniature copy of traditional roulette with some differences in rules and strategies. In any case, mini roulette rules are based on online European roulette, the most popular version of this game.

Instructions for playing mini roulette

Roulette is recognized as the queen of gambling. This is a real gambling game, where it is impossible to apply the techniques and strategies of the game that would help in winning. Here, luck affects everything. If fortune smiles at the player, then he wins. If he loses, then it is better not to play that day and refuse any game.

Step 1. Get ready for a new table layout

You can be a professional player in different variations of roulette. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the mini roulette table is completely different from the usual one. There are only 12 numbers and zero on the reel, on the field instead of dozens there are three numbers, and in the column, there are only 4 numbers. The payout rates are almost the same as in classic European roulette. Hitting a number will bring 1:11, two1: 5, three numbers are paid out as a dozen 3: 1, etc.

Step 2. Think over the strategy of the game

In any game, you must be strategy-oriented. For example, in this form of roulette, there is an opportunity to first practice to understand the principle of the game. And then create your strategy by which you can get your winnings.

Step 3. Bidding

Everything is quite simple: you need to decide and place a bet, then after starting the wheel the game starts.

Step 4. Receiving the winnings

In case you guessed correctly from the numbers, you get your winnings automatically. One of the positive aspects of this game is the return of half of the bet when it hits 0 and the absence of a bet limit. Straight (11: 1) has the highest payout ratio, followed by Split (5: 1) and Street (3: 1). Column and Corner bets are paid on a 2: 1 basis. All other types of bets go one to one.

Let’s start with the most conspicuous detail, the wheel. In mini roulette, it consists of 13 sectors, from 0 to 12, respectively. By the way, this is 2 times less in the usual types of roulette. In American, there are 38, and in the European37.


In a sense, mini-roulette resembles French, since, in the case of 0 (zero), the player gets 50% of the bet back. But what distinguishes it from the well-known standard varieties is the absence of any limits on betsa

n excellent opportunity if you decide to play «high». However, the absence of limit does not mean the rates themselves differ from the classic ones, namely:

  • split2 adjacent numbers;
  • street3 numbers in a row;
  • cornerin the middle between 4 rooms;
  • sixersa bet on 6 numbers;
  • column1 of 3 columns;
  • bet on colors (red or black);
  • over/under bet;
  • even \ odd.

Pay attention to the payment scheme:

  • straight11 to 1;
  • split5 to 1;
  • street3 to 1;
  • corner2 to 1;
  • column2 to 1;
  • sixer1 to 1;
  • color1 to 1;
  • even \ odd1 to 1;
  • more \ less1 to 1.

With the advent of the Internet, you have a unique opportunity to play your favorite game directly from your phone. Thus, you can brighten up your evening with a fun game, and invite your friends to such an exciting game. Beginners should not be afraid to start playing mini roulette at all, because applications always have prompts that will tell players what to do and where to click at the right time.

Also, many thanks BestNetEntCasino Team for helping and consulting.