Big money, expensive outfits, and endless entertainment at all times were considered attributes of a beautiful life. In the real world, you can fully plunge into the atmosphere of Dolce Vita in luxurious casinos that attract many millions of wins. Hollywood could not ignore this topic, and the action of hundreds of paintings takes place in the best gambling establishments in the world.

So, pay your attention to the best gambling movies about casinos and crazy money.

5th place. The Cooler, 2003

Even the surname of the main character of the picture Bernie Loose is consonant with the word «loser». He is a loser in life, whose bad luck extends to everyone with whom he has to deal. Such an unusual quality Bernie became his profession. He spends his days at the gaming tables of one of the Las Vegas casinos, preventing other players from winning big money. In the jargon of casino workers, such a person is called a brake. So Bernie is trying to pay off his debt to the owner of a gambling establishment, in which he lost a few years ago.

Bernie Luz wants to pay off his debts and leave Vegas. But his life changes abruptly when he meets the pretty waitress Natalie. It would seem that fate for the first time allows him to get a lucky ticket, but not everything is so simple. The girl is in collusion with the owner of the casino, who does not want to lose the right employee.

4th place. Runner Runner, 2013

Runner RunnerCollege student Richie First is trying to earn money by playing at the largest online casino. Pretty soon, he understands how this business is structured and discovers betting odds that owners of the online site use to enrich themselves. Richie travels to Costa Rica to file a claim with Ivan Blok, the leader of the online gambling industry, and try to get his money back.

Leading a gorgeous life outside the jurisdiction of the United States, Ivan sees great potential in a smart student and, instead of compensation, offers him a good job in his online casino. Richie brings to life his ideas for attracting new players to online gambling and brings the boss a big income, which Ivan willingly shares with yesterday’s student. But at some point, Richie realizes that he is just a pawn in the dangerous game of his boss. This forces the young man to reconsider his bets and enter into an open confrontation with a cynical millionaire.

3rd place. Ocean’s Twelve, 2004

Oceans 12The second film about the adventures of the charming robber Danny Ocean and his friends tells about the fate of a gang of noble raiders after their triumphant fraud in the casino Terry Benedict. Owing to the lack of evidence, the owner of a gambling establishment cannot surrender successful scammers to the police, but he has the right to demand compensation from them for damages and accrued interest. Otherwise, Ocean and his accomplices face communication with the mafia, which is not used to stand on ceremony in the matter of knocking out money.

In order not to have problems with the American authorities, who took note of the brilliant robbers, friends go on business to Europe. The calculation is correct, and the police of the Old World are not able to unravel the plans of vagrant guest performers. However, the danger comes from a local con man nicknamed Night Fox, who is not ready to put up with the fact that uninvited guests host it.

2nd place. Ocean`s Thirteen, 2007

Oceans 13Inseparable swindlers learn that their friend Ruben Tishkoff was framed by the owner of the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas, billionaire Willie Bank. Sick of any injustice, Danny Ocean invites his team to restore parity. Modern followers of Robin Hood decide to crank out the robbery of the century, which will jeopardize the gambling empire of Willie Bank.

Noble robbers rather quickly make a plan to ruin the new casino dishonest moneybags, but life makes its adjustments to their scam. Friends have to turn for money to the main competitor of Bank and their longtime enemy Terry Benedict. He agrees to help Ocean but requires scammers not only to ruin Bank’s gambling house but also to steal diamonds hidden in the most inaccessible place of a carefully guarded casino.

1st place. Ocean`s Eleven, 2001

Oceans 11The good-natured swindler Danny Ocean is released from prison and finds out that his wife has gone to another. She traded the unsuccessful fraudster for the owner of the largest Las Vegas casinos, Terry Benedict. Ocean developed a cunning plan that would allow him not only to improve his well-being but also to return his beloved. Throughout the country, he collects the best of the best and, together with eleven accomplices, begins to carry out the machinations of the century.