Who Dares Sometimes Wins — the Greatest Bets Ever Made in Canada

Big BetThe one who risks or invests biggest dares to win well more than other players — is this situation a common practice? A lot of gamblers do prefer safe betting without unexpected strategies or illogical moves, and this approach is reasonable.

There are several rules of Responsible Gambling which state not to spend more funds than planned — you should do your best to stay focused and have fun simultaneously. However, if you will start playing in the best Canadian online casinos it is such a dream to believe in one of those stories (even without checking if they are historically true or not) and dare to bet big for all your cash.

The truth is if someone succeeds then, it is a complete combination of mind-driving luck and fate. The number of winning stakes is more than huge, especially taking into account the diversity of activities to place bets on. Let’s check whether crossing fingers helped enthusiasts to achieve better rewards. Mind the gap!

Nostradamus Knows

If you desire to reveal any historic mystery, try to google it first. The more sources of information you have, the bigger the chances are to find the truth.

It is a simple task to discover “the most handsome man ever” or “the best actor/actress in Hollywood”, you may say. And it is really so. However, with all of its powers, profound technologies applied, Google can’t predict the future, but some could.

Apart from the creators of “The Simpsons”, there were several equally “daring” enthusiasts. Back in 1989, an unknown punter had a burning “durst” to spend fifty dollars (far from the smallest sum for those days) for gambling.

Just try to imagine and say which shows will be popular and still broadcasting one year later. It sounds easy, but there may be tricks. That lucky one was a riskier man: he was sure that U2 would be a band and such series as Home and Away, Neighbours would be on the air. He dared to go further and predicted that Cliff Richard would enter a range of knights by the end of the century.

The most interesting part of the story is that the man did well — he received a prize in the amount of over three hundred thousand dollars for his luck and prediction skills. Was that person a time-traveler?

Roy of the Rovers Gets Rewarded

Here is another sample of the biggest bet win in history. During the Premier League Season in 2015-2016, fans were supporting their favorite teams, and Leicester City that was on the backwards top of the ranking was among them. Unexpectedly, those who believed in the strengths of a League survive were lucky to win bigger sums than their counterparts. For instance, for a twenty-pound bet, the reward was one hundred thousand pounds.

Taking the Plunge

Nothing great is easy. Let’s get a retrospective look in the world of non-professional but not less exciting gambling. Have you ever heard about Matthew Webb? Regardless of your answer, the person had put himself on record. What the man is famous for is that he was the first one to swim the English Channel.

Matthew was born back in 1848, but those times’ conditions didn’t prevent him from becoming a confident and courageous personality. To succeed in the mentioned swimming challenge, the guy was smeared in porpoise oil. It took him twenty-four hours to complete the task. 

He wasn’t afraid to lose ten thousand dollars for swimming across the Niagara Falls Whirlpool Rapids, and here is what you need to know:

  • The mentioned location is still considered a place to test your skills. So to say, don’t try this at home.
  • Webb was close, but he didn’t manage to collect on the bet. Unfortunately, the man’s body was found four days after the first try in 1883.

The Magnificent Seven in Canada

The list of the biggest bets ever won won’t be complete without this case. Everything happened during the racing competition on September 28, 1996. Back then, Mr. Dettori was so lucky so the sum of around thirty million pounds for choosing rights wins in each out of the seven races. This is unlikely to ever again happen, but it is obvious similar cases may take place — just believe in yourselves.